Daily Routines At Nursery

We have several rooms in our Nursery. Each is appropriately equipped to support and facilitate the daily life of the age group in that room.

Our nurseries daily routine includes the following:


  • Babies and younger children are encouraged to play with a variety of toys, to develop different skills.
  • Children will also be offered a variety of different creative activities, for example sticking, painting, and colouring and they will also experience such things as sand, water, and playdough.
  • Sometimes we send home things that the children have made, for you to display.
  • Staff will talk constantly to our babies and young children, to encourage language development.
  • We endeavour to spend as much time outside daily as we can. We have dedicated outdoor equipment as well as the usual sand, water, and construction toys outside.
“Children grow in confidence and thrive in the warm and purposeful atmosphere”

Songs & Stories

  • Children love to sing! You’ll be surprised how quickly you as parents learn the words! The songs we sing are well known nursery rhymes and tunes
  • We read and enjoy many stories with the children, both inside and out, and encourage our parents to do the same. It’s the fastest way to gain a good vocabulary which will eventually lead to improved reading.


  • Children over a year old sleep on a mattress with their own linen after lunch and can rest on a beanbag at other times during the day if they are tired.
“The contribution of the early years provision to the children’s well-being is outstanding.”


  • All our equipment is safe and suitable for the relevant age group.
  • Equipment is washed/sterilised weekly.
  • We have secure, fenced garden areas for the babies and young children, which we use daily.
  • Sometimes we like to take the children out for a short walk either in pushchairs or on foot. You will be asked to sign a consent form to allow us to do this occasionally.

Meals & Drinks

  • We provide a biscuit or fruit and a drink of milk mid-morning.
  • A hot lunch is served at 12 noon. Food is prepared onsite using fresh ingredients.
  • Tea is served at 3.30 pm. apart from babies’ bottled milk.
"Children are encouraged to treat one another with kindness and respect by modelling appropriate behaviour"

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