Specialist Teaching

We differ from many schools in that many subjects are taught by specialists instead of by classroom teachers. Specialist subject teaching is a major part of daily life at MKPS.

Right from the age of 2/3 years our little ones will have song time and music with a music teacher playing an instrument. Their first PE lesson is with a sports teacher, where they develop their physical skills and control ready for all activities, from kicking a ball to holding a pencil. They will also become familiar with basic computer keyboard skills.

As they go through the years the children are taught by inspirational, specialist staff in well-appointed environments. There is nothing more exhilarating than listening to a teacher explain their subject, with passion, to an entranced class of children. Such enthusiasm is infectious and creates lifelong interests in those who find themselves drawn into particular subject.

The children are given the time and opportunity to take deep dives into those things in which they find a natural bond.

When they leave MKPS at 11 years, they are well prepared for their senior schools with a developing vision of their future goals and areas of strength.

In all subjects, teaching enables pupils of all abilities to acquire new knowledge, increase their understanding and develop their skills well.

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