Music Department

At MKPS our music department includes a number of practice rooms, a large performance room, and a music technology studio with networked computers running musical software used to teach our children to compose and record tracks. We have invested into this department because we believe that music classes provide essential creative learning skills for our students. As well as this they also provide other vital skills such as mathematical communication and concentration skills.

As a great deal of the learning in our classes is practical, we have a wide range of classroom instruments including keyboards, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars. Children are also encouraged to use their own instruments if they are able.

Within our music department we encourage children of all ages to improve their listening and concentration skills. By incorporating a range of musical instruments into our music classes as well as songs into the lessons. Our teachers push pupils to think creatively and express their thoughts through music and performance.

Come and see our music department for yourself at one of our upcoming open mornings. Register your interest today.

They are highly motivated, take pride in their work and clearly enjoy school life

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