Academic Performance

At MKPS we believe that children thrive on praise and are continually encouraged with positive feedback.

We create a positive classroom culture by valuing every pupil through building a learning-focused environment, which ensures the very best academic and non-academic performance from everyone.

Each pupil is rewarded for giving of their best by seeing continuous progress, regular successes and generous praise.

Children are prepared for academically selective senior schools, to which they transfer at the end of Year 6.

Some will continue their education in the independent sector and others will attend grammar schools, such as Sir Henry Floyd, Aylesbury High, Aylesbury Grammar, Royal Latin, Henrietta Barnett or Queen Elizabeth.

Pupils achieve consistently excellent results, with all usually gaining places in their first choice of school.

Throughout the school, the pupils’ achievement is excellent.

Senior School Results 2022/23

All Year 6 pupils are to be congratulated on their Senior School results.

32 senior independent school places were offered at a variety of respected schools such as:

  • Bedford Girls School
  • Bedford Modern
  • Bedford School
  • Northampton High
  • Wellingborough
  • Swanbourne House
  • Exeter
  • St Albans School
  • Haberdashers
  • Merchant Taylors
  • Stowe
  • Rugby

11+ Results for Grammar School Places 2022

In respect of the children who sat the 11+ examination in September 2022, 82% reached the required standard.

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