Extended Curriculum

Our extended curriculum

Our unique Environmental Studies Centre, situated locally to school, enables pupils to experience first hand many aspects of the environment. The Outdoor Classroom provides opportunities for a diverse range of research. Weather studies are a regular occurrence and the Computing and Technology Suite enables pupils to monitor and record their findings.

A caring and concerned attitude towards the environment is nurtured whilst an understanding of how conflicts can occur between the needs of man and the needs of the environment is taught. Each pupil from 3 years old spends regular valuable time at the Environmental Studies Centre.

After School Clubs

There are a range of clubs from Year 1, which change half-termly. They can be Music, Art, Sport or general interest clubs. All children are welcome to attend. There are also paid clubs, such as ballet, from 3 years old!

Trips & Visitors

Across the year groups, all children have the opportunity to go on trips during the school year or listen to talks and displays from various visitors, such as birds of prey/animal entertainers. The school also offers the chance for older children, in the Prep department, to attend residential trips both in the UK and Europe.

Holiday Playschemes

We currently open school from 8.00am until 5.45pm for 10/11 weeks during the school holidays, for children of working parents to enjoy a selection of fun activities. Some weeks are themed; perhaps music, dance or football and some are of general interest, including cinema trips and walks.

"Planning is adapted to the children’s interest so that they are highly involved in their learning"
"A range of highly effective teaching strategies enthuse, engage and motivate the children"

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