Science Education At MKPS

Science is a critical subject to early learning, encouraging children to develop independent thought and practical problem-solving. A well-crafted and expansive science education being taught from an early age will allow your child to begin developing the skills they need to really shine in the subject later on.

Our State-of-the-art science laboratory gives children the opportunity to design and carry out investigations, record their results, and discuss their findings. It is a great way to directly engage our pupils and help them understand the natural world around us, asking questions like ‘Why?’, ‘How?’, ‘When?’, ‘What If?’ and ‘Can I?’.

There is also an outside Science area to add to the experimental opportunities in your child’s science education. To find out more about our excellent science education facilities and teaching methods, attend one of our open mornings. Find out more here.

Pupils have a strong scientific knowledge and demonstrate very capable ICT skills

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