Every child needs to learn about the environment at school as it helps them to develop a better understanding and appreciation of their surroundings. Environmental education encourages children to make more sustainable decisions, such as conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and reducing pollution, helping them become stewards of the planet.


Environmental Education At MK Prep 

At MKPS, we understand the importance of Outdoor Learning to the development and well-being of our children and staff. Our unique Environmental Studies Centre enables pupils to experience many aspects of the environment first-hand and spend time learning about nature and sustainability as part of their environmental education. 


The Environmental Studies Centre, which we call “The Farm”, is an outdoor classroom that provides opportunities for diverse research. Environmental education activities at MKPS include exploring living things in the pond and under stones and logs, always being mindful not to disturb the natural habitat, and our regular weather studies, with the addition of our computer suite, enable pupils to monitor and record their findings.


Each child in the school from 3 years old will spend regular valuable time at the Environmental Studies Centre. We go from planting seeds of all types, including fruit and vegetables, to watching them grow, harvest, cook, and eat our produce. Any surplus is sold to our parents and guardians in the School Farm shop. 


Much like Science, both environmental education and learning outdoors are critical subjects to early learning. They encourage children to develop independent thought and practical problem-solving, conduct investigations, record their results, and discuss their findings. It is a great way to directly engage our pupils and help them to understand the natural world around us, asking questions like ‘Why?’, ‘How?’, ‘When?’, ‘What If?’ and ‘Can I?’. We even have The “Green Gang”, a group of volunteers with particular environmental awareness. They help others with recycling ideas and monitor things like litter etc.


International Eco-Schools Award Winners!

We are very proud to have won The International Eco-Schools Award for continued excellence in improving environmental performance and learning!  


A caring and concerned attitude towards the environment is nurtured here at MKPS whilst understanding how conflicts can occur between the needs of man and the environment. Children are taught the complex inter-relationships between physical conditions, natural processes, human activities, and the Earth’s resources, which is essential in their environmental education


Overall, A child’s Environmental education provides them with the knowledge and skills to understand the natural world and develop a deeper appreciation of their surroundings. It helps them to make more sustainable decisions, such as conserving energy and water and reducing pollution. Learning about environmental topics is essential for helping them understand how their actions can positively or negatively impact nature.


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