We have celebrated ‘Anti-Bullying week’ and ‘World Kindness Day’ and rounded off a wholesome week at MKPS with our fun charity efforts for ‘Children in Need’ today.

To begin our Anti-Bullying week, we held ‘Odd Socks Day’, designed to be fun and an opportunity to encourage the children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique.  On ‘World Kindness Day’ our Wellbeing Ambassadors held an assembly and during the week they kept their eyes and ears open for kind gestures, the children were rewarded with a sticker to acknowledge their words and actions.

We also welcomed the Hands on Science workshop team. The children in Year 1 and Year 2 were very excited to take part in a Firework Science workshop relating to their topics, Colour and Light for Year 1 and Celebrations for Year 2. The children investigated what happened to different elements, such as iron, copper, sodium and potassium, when they were heated over a flame. The children were excited to see the different colour flames the elements created, especially when they also created sparks!

Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in a truly inspiring workshop where they learnt all about the circulation of blood around the body as well as the function of the heart. Working in small groups they used forceps and scissors to dissect a lamb’s heart to identify the main structures and also discussed how to keep a healthy heart. It really brought anatomy to life, and provided a unique learning experience.

Rugby and hockey fixtures continued this week, it was great to welcome Beechwood Park Year 6 girls to MKPS.  You can find our sporting round up on our X feed @MkpsSport.

A super fund raising effort by everyone for Children in Need today, we might not match Radio 2’s Vernon Kay’s fund raising effort in his Ultra Marathon but we did have our own Pudsey Parade at break time. The Pudsey ears have been very popular. It was great the Nursery children could join in too!