Children’s wellbeing is at the very centre of our school. A happy and safe child will be far more likely to learn and maximise their potential when their well-being is the central focus of our curriculum. 


We want all children to feel safe and happy in the MKPS environment, and we achieve this through a strong pastoral system. Our staff is trained to a high level to support our children and nurture the children’s wellbeing. They are well qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable about their subjects. They motivate the children through sheer passion and enthusiasm to draw the children into their love of their subject, watching them soak up the information like sponges. Many lifelong interests and futures are made in these lessons.


However, they are so much more, they also nurture and care for every one of our children, from the very smallest to the ones ready to leave us for their senior schools. The very small children all have a Key Worker, someone who knows their little foibles, their likes and dislikes, and their preferences in everything they need and do. This is important for all children, particularly those whose first language is not English or with differing needs.


The next age have class teachers who know them through and through, the leaders from the followers, the ones happy to come forward from the shy ones.


The older children in MKPS have a form tutor. There is form tutor time at the beginning and end of each day where any little worries and problems can be shared, successes applauded, next-day reminders discussed, and plans made to make active steps to care for all children’s wellbeing! There is always someone to turn to, talk to, and smooth the way.


Some children are trained to be well-being Ambassadors. 

Wellbeing Ambassadors are children who have shown a genuine interest in championing positive mental health and well-being. These children are keen to share their learning about mental health and advertise the importance of self-care. The Ambassadors have the responsibility for leading and promoting well-being throughout the school. They drive the message forward, release the stigma around talking about challenging feelings, and encourage people to talk. They provide feedback on what’s working well and highlight gaps in whole-school approaches to our children’s well-being.   


Our children’s personal qualities are well developed under our approach to the children’s wellbeing.

As part of our commitment, we have opened two new rooms: a dedicated well-being Room and a Community Room. 


  • The wellbeing room is a warm and cosy corner of the school where the children can go individually or in small groups to sit and draw, colour, read or discuss any worries or concerns they may have with a member of staff or with the schools Assistant Head and Head of Pastoral Care, Mrs Homer.   
  • Our Community Room is modern and vibrant, complementing some of the school’s more traditional teaching spaces. The Community Room is also used for meetings, lunch times, and lessons. Small groups who don’t usually cross paths can meet to work together and learn from each other. Siblings can be invited to do collaborative work, or Grandparents can come in for tea. Further to this, it will allow us to house communities that come from outside of our own.


To learn more about the facilities and spaces we have implemented to make children’s well-being a central focus at MK Prep, get in touch today! 


Focusing on children’s wellbeing in the classroom can promote positive relationships among students and teachers and increase student engagement in the learning process. It can also help reduce the likelihood of bullying by creating a safe and supportive environment where children feel respected and valued for their unique strengths and abilities. Focusing on children’s wellbeing in school is essential to providing them with the best possible education.