Milton Keynes Prep School has a flourishing nursery department where very young children can learn to mix and play in a safe, caring environment. For parents who wish their children to start with us when they are babies or toddlers, we aim to make the transition to the nursery from home as happy and easy as possible for you and your child. The transition into nursery must be as smooth as possible for children to ensure they are comfortable and safe in their new environment. This helps them to build trust with their caregivers, allowing them to learn and explore without feeling overwhelmed. A successful transition to nursery means that your child can take full advantage of all the educational experiences at MKPS, such as learning through play

The nursery team at MKPS

We have a caring, experienced, and well-qualified team that enjoys working with small children. One parent commented, “Everyone who works in the nursery always seems pleased to see my child in the morning and shows her lots of affection.” They constantly talk to the children while playing in the garden in the fresh air or with all the exciting equipment in their rooms. They talk, eat, play, and sleep in the security of their rooms, which are bright and inviting. Your young children and babies are nurtured through their transition to nursery and their learning journeys.  In addition to our wonderful staff constantly talking to your babies and young children to encourage language development, the children love to sing. You’ll be surprised how quickly you, as parents, learn the words! The songs we sing are well-known nursery rhymes and tunes. We also read and enjoy many stories with the children, both inside and outside and encourage our parents to do the same. It’s the fastest way to gain a good vocabulary, eventually leading to reading.

Daily life in the MKPS nursery

Day-to-day nursery life includes learning through play with a variety of toys, to develop different skills and within various activities, to help the children reach their developmental goals within the EYFS seven areas of learning. Children will also have access to different creative activities, for example sticking, painting, and colouring, and they can learn and experience such things as sand, water, and playdough. Sometimes we send home things the children have made for you to display. Learning through play is the key to developing emotionally, integrating socially, and developing both mentally and physically. Our planned activities foster curiosity in the children through watching others and exploring and investigating for themselves, such as a short walk in pushchairs or on foot. All parents will be asked to sign a consent form to allow us to do this occasionally.

How our children rest and recharge

Of course, all of the activities included when learning through play are bound to tire out our little ones! Children over a year old sleep on a mattress with their own linen after lunch and can rest on a beanbag at other times during the day if they are tired. To keep the children energised, we provide a biscuit or fruit and a drink of milk mid-morning, hot lunch served at noon, and tea served at 3.30 pm (apart from babies’ bottled milk.) The food we serve children is prepared onsite using fresh ingredients for the best taste and benefits for your little ones! 

Keep up to date with your child’s development

You won’t miss out on the developments your children are making! We use EYlog for our parent shared system of recording, assessing, and reporting. Parents can see photos and videos of their children’s activities during the day and share and comment on their progress. Are you starting to look at nurseries for your own child? At MK Preparatory School, we make the transition to nursery for little ones as smooth and easy as possible. “We could not have wished for better nursery care from 3 months up.” 

To find out more about what life in our nursery will be like for your child, get in contact today.