At MKPS, we strongly believe in the importance of physical activity in our children’s lives. Our range of facilities allows us to introduce them to a wide variety of games and excel in their chosen sports as they develop their skills, knowledge, and ability. Additionally, we value outdoor classroom environments and outdoor learning, as they offer significant benefits to children’s learning and overall wellbeing, as well as providing a sense of belonging and community.

Sports in school provide a valuable social experience for young children. Playing sports allows children to form friendships, learn to work collaboratively with others and develop important interpersonal skills such as empathy and respect. 


From as young as 3 years old, our children participate in games and P.E. lessons through specialist teaching by very capable staff members. We aim to make them physically capable and develop a passion for sports that lasts a lifetime.


The Sports Facilities at MKPS


Our Astroturf pitch provides an ideal surface for outdoor learning with sports such as football, hockey, and netball and is also home to our new outdoor cricket nets. Meanwhile, our Indoor Sports Hall facility boasts 3 badminton courts, and indoor cricket nets and is also used for gymnastics, judo, and badminton clubs.


We take pride in our cricket development program, which starts from the age of 3. With access to indoor and outdoor cricket nets and coaching from former South African international cricketer Andrew Hall, we ensure that our boys and girls fully engage with this sport.


In addition, we have an ex-professional footballer on staff full time who works with all ages from 2/3 years. We see sport as central to all we do here at MKPS, aiming to help children leave us in year 6 as the best individuals they can be.


Experience Sport and Outdoor Learning at MKPS

By fostering interests and passions early on in life, we aim to produce confident, kind-hearted individuals who stand out. At MKPS, we take a healthy body-healthy mind approach towards education because we believe it’s vital for achieving well-balanced children.

We would be delighted to welcome you into our school to visit the sports facilities at MKPS in person, during an Open Morning. During that visit, you will receive a tour of our school with a member of our Senior Management Team, and key members of staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Find out more here