At MKPS we provide private education in Milton Keynes. We are above and beyond the average school in the way we lead through example in the community in terms of courtesy and respect, which is noticed from the comments we get when we go out. We can also see from the kindness, respect and politeness our children show for staff and each other in school, both in and out of the classroom.


Our Holistic Approach to Education at MKPS


Our little children learn quickly what makes people happy. They learn the difference between right and wrong and why.


Through our reading and language programs, we’ve seen our students’ vocabulary develop at a tremendous rate, and their reading abilities surpass those of their peers. Our parents also participate in a “talk about it” scheme that helps them learn the art of higher-order questioning. The results are startling. Children become so much more articulate in a very short space of time.


Delivering the Best Education in Milton Keynes


Academically, we rank well above average throughout the school. But we don’t believe in cramming children with memorised facts; instead, we encourage them to read, research, investigate, question, and extend their vocabulary, comprehension, and problem-solving skills.


Our standardised tests have shown that a large percentage of our pupils are in the top 10% of the population – and every single one of our children is good at something. And it’s not just about academics; our community works through kindness and respect, hard work and enjoyment, praise and reward – culminating in successes across the board.


When our students leave us for senior school, they’re confident, articulate, polite – ready to lead the way wherever life takes them.


In conclusion, Milton Keynes Preparatory School provides the best hands-on education in Milton Keynes by delivering a specialised approach to educating children, emphasising academic excellence, personal development, and social responsibility. Our fantastic team and excellent facilities ensure that every child receives the best education possible, focusing on instilling kindness, respect, and politeness so our pupils are well-prepared to contribute positively to their community both in and outside the classroom.

If you’re looking for a school that values your child’s development in all aspects, MKPS is the perfect choice. Please attend one of our open mornings or contact us today to book a private tour.