At MKPS, we take pride in our happy community and well-balanced sense of self that is instilled in our students from a young age. Our “praise for effort” culture leads to greater self-confidence, concentration, and determination and greater success in all aspects of our pupils’ lives, including the classroom, sports field, and playground. We emphasise the importance of kindness and consideration in developing strong friendships. By celebrating success in our students we can


Praising Children’s Effort at MKPS


Praising children for their effort is essential for their development because it helps build a growth mindset. A growth mindset is the idea that a child’s abilities can be developed through the child’s work and dedication rather than being fixed traits. Children who are praised for their effort are more likely to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and self-confidence as they learn that their hard work is valued and appreciated. They are also more inclined to take on challenges and persist when faced with difficulties or setbacks, as they understand that effort is necessary for growth and success.


The Importance of Celebrating Success at MKPS


In the classroom, our students experience success in different forms. For some, it can be striding ahead in both depth and breadth of knowledge. For others, it’s seeing the light on one small area which had previously evaded them. We celebrate all accomplishments, placing the greatest emphasis on effort and determination.


On the playing field, our students display both natural abilities and learned skills. We offer a variety of sports programs for all students to participate in, regardless of their ability, and have teams that compete at the highest level.


Similarly, in music, engineering, and art, we recognise and appreciate students’ natural talent and affinity and encourage those who participate for the pure enjoyment of it.

The cornerstone of our success at MKPS is built on each student’s individual success stories, from impressive senior school results to regular sports team wins at all levels and a variety of arts and music awards, as well as our “praise for effort” culture. If you would like to learn more about our community, please reach out to us at Milton Keynes Preparatory School, and you can attend an open morning and experience our wonderful space yourselves.